Welcome to the Goaltending Consultant Group

Goaltending is the key to winning hockey games.  Without a solid goalie a team has limited potential, but the goaltender is still the most neglected major position in all of sports.  The Goaltending Consultant Group consists of many of the top goalie coaches in North America and abroad.  We are committed to providing goaltenders the best resources available in order to give them the greatest opportunity to succeed.

The GCG Consultants hosts the GCG Prospects Camps for men, women and youths.  Prospects camps bring together coaches from the US, Canada and Europe as well as leaders in sport psychology, strength and conditioning, nutition and motivation to work with highly motivated goalies. The GCG pages on this site will provide the latest news about GCG camper, goalie specific articles and videos as well as tips for both coaches and goalies. The GCG social network will allow you to connect with other goalies and coaches and provide you with our most current postings.

If you would like additional information please feel free to call the GCG head office at 800-801-1968 or contact a GCG Consultant directly.

Goaltending Consultant Group Coaches


Brian Daccord – New England
Jamie McGuire – Toronto
Tom Dempsey – Ottawa

GCG Coaches:

Brian Daccord – New England
John Carratu – New England
Dave Flint – New England
Rob Stauber – Minnesota
Jeff Hall – Minnesota
Terry Barbeau – Michigan
Clint Elberts – Central States
John Alexander – Atlantic Canada
David Alexander – Atlantic Canada
Tom Dempsey – Ottawa
Andrew Mercer – Ottawa
Jamie McGuire – Toronto
Christian Yngve – Austria
Magnus Olsson – Sweden




GCG Summer Camp Coaches

Andrew Mercer Mercer Goaltending
Bill Armstrong St Louis Blues
Bill Berglund Montreal Canadiens
Brian Daccord Adler Mannheim
Brian Robinson Bentley University
Brion O’Connor The Goalie Guru/ NEHJ
Bruce Irving Harvard University
Cap Raeder Independent Coach
Christian Yngve Austrian National Team
Clint Elberts Russell Stover
Dan Dubois Mercer Goaltending
Dave Flint Northeastern University
David Schultz Stop It Goaltending
Jamie McGuire Team Canada
Jim Healey Merrimack College
Jim McNiff Providence College
John Carratu Northeastern University
Kristofer Mayotte Cornell University
Lou Santini Sacred Heart University
Magnus Olsson Blue Crease Goaltending
Mark Hanson Harvard University
Rob Heholt McGuire Goaltending
Robin Danielsson Blue Crease Goaltending
Sean Walsh UMass Boston